High-quality Audio Production to Elevate Your Visual Project


Background Music Score

Background music might work in the background, but its effect is no less compelling! The right music ensures that your visuals hit the mark and make the maximum impact on your audience. We compose background music for a variety of visual media projects to enhance the content, reinforce the message, and create a powerful emotive connection with users.

Customized Music

Need a custom song, score or anthem for your ad, video, game, live event, or other creatives? We will produce customized music for you in a style of your choice. You will own all rights to the productions. Choose from male or female vocals, and tell us if you have an instrument preference. No matter your requirements, we will help you get your message out there and do it with elan!

Song Composition

Have an idea that you want to convert into musical form? We will transform your idea into a cool song, and take care of everything from composition, to performance recording, mastering, and post-production. Whatever your artistic or technical needs, we will create the right music and deliver a market-ready audio track for your video, ad, game, or movie. Talk to us to discuss your requirements.

Promotional Music

Music can be a powerful promotional tool, no matter whether you’re trying to promote a product, service, film, or event. Our talented musicians, composers, sound engineers, and voice artists work together as one team to design compelling promotional music that helps convey your key message, and touches the emotions of your audience.

Sound Effects

Add the perfect sound effects to enhance the recognition and recall value of your audio or video project. We utilize our creative and technical know-how to create fully customized sound effects to enhance your content, and reinforce your message. Realize the full creative potential of your game, animation, app, video, or commercial. Talk to us about our sound effect design and production services.

Advertising Jingles

The most memorable ads are the ads with the most memorable jingles! Catchy music, impactful words and a great voice – all these elements make an effective jingle. And it can be yours with B18. We can create a stick-in-your-head jingle to showcase your brand or product, and help listeners remember it for years to come. All our jingles are completely customized for each client. And you will own its rights forever – no questions asked.

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