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Multimedia & Video Production Offerings

Corporate Multimedia Presentations

Make a powerful impression on your audience – whether it’s employers, senior leaders, stakeholders or investors – with our world-class corporate multimedia presentations. Say goodbye to boring textual presentations, and say hello to compelling videos, pictures, graphs, and animations. Our team of designers and multimedia experts will take your key ideas, and transform them into persuasive presentations that grab your audience’s attention and leave a long-lasting impact.

Product Presentations/Demos

Pitch your product with persuasion, passion and pride with a unique demo or presentation from B18. We will craft a compelling story about your product that goes beyond simple information to encourage engagement, conversion and brand advocacy. Our narrative will have a clear beginning, middle and end, and effectively demonstrate your product’s value to the listener. Position your product as the hero of this story, and support it with both facts and emotions. Ask us about our approach.

Corporate PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations have been the mainstay of corporate life for many decades. And with good reason. A well-designed presentation with clear takeaways, attractive visuals, and judicious multimedia can get the message across to the audience in the most effective way. If you need customized presentations to share important information, collaborate on ideas, or convey your brand’s identity, we can help.

Computer-based Training Modules

Traditional classroom training tends to be bland and generic, so people forget the message as soon as they leave the classroom. Move ahead of these old-fashioned concepts with more immersive computer-based training that audiences love. Unlike in-person training, computer-based training is cost-effective and effective, and gives learners the flexibility to learn at their own pace. Comfort, engagement and retention – we can help you meet all these goals with customized computer-based training modules for your organization.

Web-based Training Modules

The best learning happens when the learner is not under pressures of time and space. Maximize your audience’s learning potential, and meet your training and development goals with web-based training modules from B18. Empower learners to learn from anywhere and at anytime, and reinforce their current knowledge. No matter the topic, learning goals or audience type; we can help you create cost-effective web-based training modules to perfectly match your – and your learners’ – needs.

eLearning Modules

eLearning makes learning simpler, easier and more effective than traditional teaching methods. It offers greater flexibility, and a more comfortable learning environment that is universally appreciated. Elevate the way your training content is consumed, discussed and shared with our learner-friendly, digestible and on-demand eLearning modules.

Corporate Video Films

Get more traffic to your corporate website, boost your brand’s awareness and value, and grow your business, with a high-quality corporate video film created by B18. Corporate videos are proven to generate a great return on investment, and can send a strong message that people pay attention to, and even recall. Contact us if you’re looking to create an on-brand corporate video to elevate your brand and bring it into the big leagues.

Video Production Services

Provide value to your target audience, increase their engagement with your brand, and take giant steps forward to build trust with our high-quality video production services. We can help you define a video marketing strategy, write scripts, create storyboards, set up single-camera/multi-camera shoots, create and edit videos, add motion graphics, voiceovers and closed captions, and lots more. Our team will work with you to meet your business goals, all the way from idea to delivery.

Ad Films

No matter which way you look at it, ad films are a powerful means to communicate your brand’s message or product’s value to your audience. We craft bespoke ad campaigns that tell a compelling brand story, increase exposure, and help your customers understand who you are and what you do. A powerful message, an innovative approach, and creative output – these are just some of the value-adds you will get from our team of passionate ad filmmakers.

Documentary Films

Documentaries are an immensely powerful platform to encourage thought, provoke dialogue, and create positive change. If your ambition is to create an in-depth and informative resource that communicates important messages in a relatable, compelling manner, talk to us. Our dedicated team will give you the support you need to create documentaries that promote honest discussions and earnest conversations – and even change the world.

Professional Video Shooting

Looking for professional-quality videos for your business, product or cause? Our team of video shooting specialists know what it takes to product creative shots with the right angles, perspectives and lighting, both indoors or outdoors. Professional videos are a world apart from smartphone, camera or camcorder videos, so they need a set of special skills – which we bring to the table in spades.

Short Film Editing

You invested your heart and soul into creating a short film that tells your story cinematically. But you’re quite a ways off from the finished product. To reach this final stage, you need professional editing services. We can help you ensure that your final film has a cohesive narrative with the perfect transitions, flow and timing. Our video and sound editing experts work closely with short filmmakers to create emotion-evoking masterpieces that leave a lasting impression.

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