At B18, we work together as one integrated unit to deliver the best possible results for every project, every client, every day.

  • Brainstorm

    Researching the needs and goals we design it for the targeted audience. We sit with the client for however long it takes and understand the nature of the business to map out the design strategy and meticulous execution of the entire project.

  • Research

    At Creative Yogi, we design and develop website solutions that are at par with industry standards and designed to give the best experience to your customer and leave a positive impression.

  • Storyboard

    Our solutions are optimized to meet your needs and help you in establishing your brand as a leading name in your industry. We work and work and work until you are satisfied.

  • Animation

    We never leave our customer midway. That is why we help them from start to finish by assisting in releasing and going live with the web solutions we have developed for them. Nothing beats the feeling of watching a solution that we have developed fulfil its purpose for you.

  • Delivery

    Our engineers keep the website safe from hacking, malfunctioning and catching bugs at all times. The maintenance of the website is what enables customers, orders, and sales.

Multimedia and Video Production

  • Questionnaire

    An animation project has a number of components that comes together to produce a visual treat. And we begin the process by asking you a set of questions to understand each and every aspect of the project in detail.

  • Research

    Once we have gathered all the information from you, we begin our research to study your target market, your product or service, and how we can bring them close in the best possible way.

  • Storyboard

    Once we are comfortable and have gathered everything that we need to get started, we begin with the process of scripting and its visual counterpart so that it is easy for you to visualize how your video will look and feel ultimately.

  • Voiceover

    After the script and story is finalized, we get the script recorded by a voiceover artist chosen from the sample shared by us. We make sure that the voiceover artist takes care of the tone and tenor of the video to deliver the message most effectively.

  • Animation

    It is only now, after seeking your approval at all the previous stages, that we move to the stage of animation where we bring the idea to life by animating the various elements of the video.

  • Delivery

    And that’s it! When our animators have put together some incredible piece of animation and couple it with music and a refreshingly engaging voiceover, our video is sure to win hearts and customers.

  • The Research

    To transmute the idea into a tangible application the first thing is to accurately analyze the patterns, motivations and demographics. We at Creative Yogi, always keep the targeted audience in mind at every step of the research and development.

  • Wire-framing

    Usability and functionality issues need to be understood and documented first. So we develop an understanding of the ideas to fuse the proposed features in to the functional app.

  • Technical Feasibility & Assessments

    Depending on the formats and operating system, there can be different requirements for the app and the back-end systems for its support. Therefore accessing the APIs and public data we confirm the full functionality of the envisaged visuals.

  • Prototype

    Building the prototype for getting the concept of app in hand and also providing it to the client for tests is the next step. For finalizing the concepts, the feedbacks received are implemented then.

  • Design

    This multi-step process has many review stages. The interactions between the design elements are architected and user interfaces are designed to touch and feel the app in this stage. Layout of variations in the screen and visual elements are also developed.

  • Develop

    Testing the core functionality, the bugs are fixed in the development stage and then it is again tested for such anomalies. Remaining bugs, if any, are fixed in this step.

  • Testing

    Creative Yogi tests the application at all the steps and all the necessary facets are examined precisely. Once the app ‘passes’ the rigorous acceptance tests then we confirm the application.

  • Deployment

    The final application is ready for the launch and we assist in listing that on different application stores as they all have different admissibility and policies. The feedback from the users and analyzed and the implications are implemented.

  • Video Strategy

    Outline your objectives, get insights into your target audience, focus on your core message, plan the specifics, scope, budget & write a video production brief.

  • Pre-Production

    Develop the Creative Approach, Write a Script, Create a Storyboard, Decide on the Talent/Characters, Production team, Equipments, Location Scouting, Plan and Schedule the Shoot.

  • Production

    Shoot the Footage by setting up the sound/lighting/video equipment, Conducting interviews, Recording voiceovers, Capturing b-roll.

  • Post-Production

    Edit the Video Content, add Graphics and Special Effects, Record Voiceover, Mix Music and Soundtrack, Compositing and rendering the final video output.

  • Distribute and Promote

    Once the video content is filmed as per the pre production plan, edited, formatted and hosted, you can then begin to distribute and promote it according to your video strategy.

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