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Brand Design and Print Media Offerings

Logo Design

A quality logo is one of the primary drivers of brand recognition and recall. Whether it’s literal or conceptual, fancy or simple, your logo should communicate your brand’s one-of-a-kind identity and values. If you already have an idea for your logo, tell us, and we’ll help you realize it in a tangible way. Or leave the ideation and design to us, and we’ll give you a custom branded logo that effectively communicates your brand’s personality, and creates a memorable visual impression on hearts and minds.

Office Essentials Design

Your workplace is more than just empty space, walls or floors. Other elements matter too – whether it’s furniture or furnishings, supplies or accessories. We design office essentials to create workspaces where inspiration resides, ideas flow freely, and people feel comfortable and motivated. In the long term, a happy office creates happy employees who deliver great results for your company.

Corporate Identity Design

Does your brand have a unique visual identity? A number of characteristics constitute your identity and can either make it distinctive and identifiable, or bland and forgettable. Your logo, business card, letterhead, collaterals, print assets – everything matters when it comes to creating a high-quality corporate identity. Don’t ignore something that’s so important to your brand’s future! Get it right with a creative team that understands you, and can help you put your best face forward with a memorable corporate identity.

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Print & Ad Media Design

To make your advertisement stand out from all the copycats and me-toos, you need striking visuals, attractive designs and impactful copy. No matter what you’re looking for – funny, heartfelt, thought-provoking or hard-hitting – we can design ads that grab eyeballs, provoke thought and inspire action. Through the effective use of visual arts, typography, and page layout techniques, we will convey your message in a powerful way that fits your brand and reaches your target audience.

Sales & Marketing Collaterals

Promote your products or services, communicate your USP, and confidently drive better lead generation, sales and revenues – with beautifully-designed sales and marketing collaterals from B18. Creative collaterals add value to your sales and marketing functions. They leave a lasting impression, enhance your brand’s recall value, and even influence their buying decision. Tell us your goals and needs, and we will design a rich assortment of impressive collaterals to power your sales and marketing pipeline.

Brochures & Flyers

Engage your audience, promote curiosity, and inspire them to take action, with an on-point, on-brand brochure or flyer. Need thoughtful, targeted messaging? Designs that attract attention? Intriguing headlines and striking visuals? We can help you with all this and more. Our brochure and flyers will place your brand front and center, “speak” to your target audience and influence their behaviors and decision-making.

Posters & Banner Design

A poster or banner with a single, focused message can be powerful mouthpiece for your brand. Whether you want to promote your business, a new product or an upcoming event, we can design creative, imaginative posters and banners that help you meet your goals with flair and elan!

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Product Manuals & Catalog Design

E-brochures and e-profiles are a powerful way to promote your brand via digital means. Reach a larger audience, easily distribute your brochure and profile, and get your message across to those who need to hear it most – with our e-brochure and e-profile designs. Our professional designers and strategists have experience designing all kinds of e-brochures and e-profiles. They understand your needs, and can create fully customized designs that help your business win your customers’ trust, loyalty and advocacy.

Newsletters Design

The days of boring, bland newsletters are gone! Send beautifully-designed email newsletters with unique messaging and attractive visuals that your audience wants to read! If done well, a newsletter can be a powerful tool for lead generation, marketing, sales and branding. Our designers will create amazing newsletters that you can send to your audience to share information, establish thought leadership or get feedback. Offline or online – your newsletters must be on-point and on-brand. And that’s where we come in.

Packaging Design

Product packaging is vital to product recognition, recall and preference. Dull, bland packaging can be a death knell for product sales, while memorable packaging can do just the opposite. We deliver original packaging designs that make products stand out. With us, you get designs that create customer impact, deepen brand engagement, and deliver innovative brand experiences that linger long after the product has been purchased and consumed.

Infographics & Creative Design

Say more with less – that is the promise of infographics design! Communicate your message to your audience in a creative, visually rich way. Dozens of companies swear by our infographics and creatives for their eye-catching designs, color combinations, and informative appeal. Whether you want to visually represent a product, process, statistic, survey, or anything else, we can design break-through infographics and creatives that cut through the noise, and get your message across.

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Illustration & Icon Design

Illustrations are a wonderful supporting element for written text. Explain an idea, tell a vivid story, and connect with your audience through meaningful illustrations created by our talented artistes. And if you’re looking for custom brand icons for any kind of digital application, we do that too. Clarity, brevity, readability and personality – our icons deliver all this and more, no matter where you will use them, for whom, or in which medium.

Photo/Image Editing

Need your photos or images restyled, customized or retouched? We offer photo and image editing services to create high-quality output that wows. Our photography and digital experts leverage the latest tools to edit and enhance images and photos that can be used in e-Commerce stores, online/offline brochures, catalogs, portfolios, social media, and more. Attention to detail, creativity and remarkable output – these are only some of the reasons why our editing services are in high demand.

Web Banners

In the digital world, there are no boundaries to showcase your products, communicate your message, or promote your brand. Do all this and more with eye-catching web banners that make an impact on visitors, and encourage them to want to learn more about your company and brand. We create branded banners for websites, social media and online ads. Just tell us what you need, and we will deliver banners with attractive visuals, impressive copy, and impactful calls to action.

Book Covers

Everyone judges a book by its cover! An attractive cover calls to a reader and says, “Pick me! Read me! Love me!”, while a boring cover is ignored – and unfortunately , so is the book. Our passionate and creative designers design gorgeous book covers that attract readers, and elevate the book’s impact right from the get-go.

Movie Poster Design

A movie poster is no less than a work of art. An iconic poster can evoke strong emotions in the audience, and create a mental picture of what the movie could be like. It can draw the audience in much before the lights go off in the theater, and leave an impact long after the lights come on. At B18, we are movie buffs and we love designing movie posters. Clever or thought-provoking, creative or subtle, we’re up for any challenge.

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