Integrate Digital Visual Content into Users’ Real-world Environments

Augmented Reality Applications

We leverage powerful, cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology to help you present your brand’s content in the most engaging, immersive way possible. By putting virtual objects into the real-world environment, you can create amazing new environments that users can access and enjoy through their handheld devices.

AR Apps for Medical Procedures and Healthcare

We create AR applications to support healthcare professionals with augmented surgeries, diagnoses, simulated patient encounters, medical therapies, and more. Medical students can leverage AR to learn about human anatomy, visualize health issues, and practice their skills in a hands-on albeit completely simulated environment.

AR Apps for Industrial

In industrial settings, AR applications provide workers with real-time, up-to-date information that improves their understanding of their surroundings, and empowers them to do their jobs better. AR is useful for product design and development, maintenance and repair, quality control, assembly, and inventory management – creating immersive environments that increase productivity, efficiency and result in industrial and manufacturing settings.

AR Apps for eCommerce

eCommerce is the perfect playground for AR! Regular online shopping doesn’t provide a full sensory product experience that today’s customers are looking for. AR fills this gap, and how! Give your customers deeper and more complete information about your products —.in their own environment, and on their own time. Let them have the freedom to try on your offerings or place them virtually in their real-world environment before committing to a purchase. They will love the experience, and reward you with more sales and bigger profits.

AR Apps for Education

Create extraordinary, interactive classroom experiences with AR. We can design applications to help teachers show virtual examples of concepts, and add gaming elements to support textbook material. Students learn better, and retain more of what they learn. AR in education can transform the learning experience with rich visuals, enhanced interactivity, and immersion into the subject matter.

AR Apps for Branding/Marketing

Boost conversions, drive more purchases, and enhance your brand’s value with best-in-class AR apps for marketing and sales. Give your customers unique experiences and let them interact with your brand, all from their mobile devices and the comfort of their own homes. What would you like to do? Create 3D displays? Provide virtual product tours? Design augmented shopping experiences? With B18 and AR, you can do all this and more.

AR Apps for Entertainment and Games

AR is already having a revolutionary impact on entertainment, and with good reason! Interactive games, travel through portals, immersive theaters, museum galleries, live performance streaming – the number of AR applications in entertainment is constantly growing. Create “otherworldly” environments, enhance live performances, and transform ordinary events into immersive experiences – with AR effects and applications from B18.

AR Apps for Real Estate

AR is transforming the real estate sector worldwide. AR allows prospective buyers to indulge in a virtual, 360-degree “property showcase” that provides amazing experiences before they make a purchase decision. Developers can also leverage AR for property staging and architectural representations that show the immense potential of a piece of property. Buyers can visualize what the finished property will look like, build an emotional connect with it, and save both time and money. By offering these benefits, real estate developers and builders can build their customer base, and boost their reputations as well.

AR Apps for Fashion

An AR-based online boutique is a great way to recreate the in-person shopping experience for fashion patrons. Customers can explore new fashions and discover how different products look in an immersive, experiential way. With the power of AR, fashion brands can connect with target customers, delight them with memorable virtual experiences, build brand loyalty, and boost sales.

AR Apps for Furniture

AR is changing the way people shop for furniture and adorn their living spaces. With an AR store, delighted customers can see how a piece of furniture would look in their home or office in real time. This possibility of “try before you buy” is an attractive proposition, especially for big-ticket items. Furniture retailers can also offer product customization so customers can choose what they want with just a few clicks. AR can also have an amazing impact on in-store engagement, sales and spends.

AR Apps for Agriculture

From farming to augmented farming! Farmers all over the world are embracing AR to visually monitor farms, obtain weather forecasts, assess and optimize new tools, detect pests, provide simulated training to new farmers, and a lot more. More and more AR applications will be developed in the near future, and make a huge impact on agriculture, on farmers, and on food demand and supply.

AR Apps for Events

Events are an ideal playground for Augmented Reality. With AR, event hosts and organizers have a perfect opportunity to integrate the physical and digital worlds. They can then present the combination as a new interactive experience for attendees, and allow them to connect with the business or brand in an immersive manner. AR presents amazing opportunities to display useful information in an interesting format, present gamified experiences that attendees will love, organize virtual tours, and even showcase products “in action” to boost engagement, conversion, and loyalty.

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