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Animation & Effects Offerings

Explainer Videos

Explain your business or illustrate complex ideas in a simple yet engaging way with our explainer videos. Deliver meaning with understanding and simplicity in a way that resonates with your target audience and make them want to know you better. Our videos are highly targeted and on-brand – so you can stand out from your competitors and carve your own unique niche in your industry.

Whiteboard Animation

Introduce your offerings and bring your message to the world with our customized whiteboard animations. We create product demos, marketing collaterals, educational presentations and more with character animations, backgrounds, and scenes to cut through the noise and deliver captivating viewing experiences to your audience.

Infographics Video

Infographic videos are a great way to tell visually-rich “data stories”. Tell us what you need, and we will combine various animations to create informational videos that explain data in an engaging way, and improve your audience’s perspective and understanding. Eye-catching, beautifully-designed and impactful – our infographics videos are all this and more.

2d Animation

Convey your brand’s unique, one-of-a-kind message with our 2D animation creations. We use cutting-edge animation tools to create compelling, distinctive 2D characters, objects and backgrounds. Want to tell your story in an engaging and memorable format that delights your audience? Then 2D animation may be just the ticket. Talk to us to know more.

3d Animation

3D animation is not just for films, TV shows or games! You can also leverage creative, realistic 3D animation to market your products or services, boost brand awareness, and boost its presence. Our 3D animators create models, prepare layouts, and render finished images to generate lifelike videos that give your brand a unique personality, and give new life to your offerings.

Motion Graphics

Combining animation, digital footage and graphic design; motion graphics are ideal to showcase complex ideas and concepts in a visually-appealing format. Convey your key message in the fastest way, and grab your viewers’ attention with cool videos that can be used for any use case, and on any platform. Want your brand to stand out and set new trends? Looking to promote your products or educate your customers? Ask us about our motion graphics offerings!

Isometric Animation

Isometric animation is perfect if you’re looking to communicate your ideas and concepts with less complexity but more depth. With isometric designs, you get the best of 2D and 3D, with more perspective and more detail – without any distracting clutter. Why limit your visual options with flat, boring 2D designs when we can help you make great isometric designs? With animated characters, pre-built scenes, templates and voiceovers; isometric animations are perfect for explainer videos, character-focused videos, mobile apps, films, video games, and much more.

3D Architectural Walkthroughs

Create a cool video story to showcase your property, and take your audience on a journey through and around it. We create 3D architectural walkthroughs with compelling designs, and immersive, photo-realistic visualizations. Viewers can see the full detailed design and layout of a property, and experience it virtually. This creates a powerful impact that increases their likelihood of purchase, and boosts your financial and brand health.

Industrial and Mechanical Simulations

Animated industrial/mechanical simulations are a great way accelerate prototyping, get to market faster, and even promote products to customers, prospects and investors. With realistic texturing, lighting and backgrounds; our simulations help showcase the functional operation of a machine or product, confirm if it meets required specifications, and identify if there are technical glitches that must be fixed. We can even add 360° camera movements, animated charts and graphs, and sound effects to create HD-quality simulations that look like a million bucks.

Medical Simulations and Animation

Medical simulations and animations are useful for a wide range of use cases, from physiology and anatomy to surgery to molecular biology. We create 2D and 3D medical animations that are highly effective at educating and informing patients, healthcare professionals, medical students, pharmaceutical professionals, forensic professionals, and even practicing, experienced surgeons.

Training Animation

Animated videos are an influential tool for training, development and eLearning in any kind of setting. They can break down complex or abstract concepts into digestible chunks, so that information is absorbed fully and retained for longer by the target learner. Whether the training is for orientation, health and safety, sexual harassment awareness, or to increase on-the-job technical competence – we can create effective animations that keep learners engaged, interested, and hungry to learn more.

Visual Effects

Special effects in videos are powerful tools for brand storytelling. Adding visual effects can enhance the quality of your videos, and bring the “wow factor” that amazes and delights your audience. We create on-brand, on-message visual effects that elevate your content, and add greater clarity to your brand narrative. Generate buzz about new products, create visual and emotional stimulation to increase recall, and reinforce your brand identity. With well-designed and well-executed visual effects from B18, you can do all this and more.

Rotoscoping Animation & Chroma Keying

One of the coolest and most innovative ways to animate a film is with rotoscoping. The technique is ideal when you need to animate complex movements, and create lifelike animated characters who move just like people in the real world. Our rotoscoping wizards create videos with incredibly accurate actions and realistic animations for your brand’s videos, films, clips, and more.

Previsualization (Previz)

Filmmakers, advertisers and music video producers love our previsualization services. We support them with critical pre-production processes by creating photographs, storyboards, animatics and shot lists. By visually mapping out scenes in movies, commercials and videos before principal photography begins; our team provides the visual battle plan that every creative filmmaker needs to create a masterpiece.


If you’re making a feature film, animated commercial, or live-action short, you need animatics to ensure that the finished product is solid, and perfectly aligned with your vision. If your product will have complex action or visual effects scenes, you need animatics to bring your storyboards to life. We will string your storyboard images, and edit them together with sound, dialogs and music, so you can easily preview how a sequence will flow in motion, and get a fuller sense of what the finished product will look like.

Logo Animation

Your logo is one of the key elements of your brand. It gives your brand a unique personality and voice, and differentiates it from all others. Now you can make your logo even more memorable with animation. Talk to us if you’re looking for a catchy, attractive, one-of-a-kind animated logo that leaves a terrific impression, and takes your brand game to the next level.

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