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Founder : Krishna Vasani Founder and Creative Head
B18 Animation Studio

I’m Krishna Vasani, an entrepreneur with animation expertise in 2D, 3D, and visual effects. I started life as a small-town girl passionate about sketching and painting. My father encouraged my love of the creative arts, which I’m thankful for to this day. He also sent me to Mumbai where I pursued my studies at SNDT University, while continuing to nurture my love of sketching. I married in my early 20s and was a mother by my mid-20s so I focused on my new family instead of pursuing a career. Once my son was older, I decided to jump onto the career bandwagon with my husband’s encouragement. Although still passionate about the arts, I lacked the technical skills to actually make a career out of my passion. However, I slowly developed these skills by completing a 3-year course on web design and 2D animation at the ripe “old” age of 35! At this point, job offers were pouring in. But while I was very keen to kickstart a creative career, I was not so keen on working a regular job. Freelancing gave me the opportunity to gain experience without feeling tied down by one employer.

As a freelancer, I collaborated with several Indian media giants like Zee and Star. As I developed my technical knowhow and business acumen, I realized that I had a higher goal – to run my own animation agency. This big entrepreneurship dream led to the birth of B18 Mediaworks, a partnership firm in 2012. We took this auspicious name from the Bhagavad Geeta: B for Bhagavad and 18 for its 18 chapters. We started with very limited resources and just 3 team members who were passionate about design, graphics and animation. Although we faced many hurdles in the beginning and eventually called off the partnership, I learned a lot from this early experience. It also solidified my goal to continue my entrepreneurship journey, and motivated me to start my own animation studio. And that’s how B18 Animation Studio was born in 2017.

In the animation business, technical skill, business sense, self-discipline and motivation are all critical success factors. I have realized this over the past decade, and work hard every day to develop these competencies in both myself and my team. I consider myself a thorough professional who speaks her mind and always has the client’s best interests at heart. I pay attention to both common sense and my innate intuition, which enables me to select the right team and projects, and also take the best possible decisions for my company, people and clients.

As the Creative Head of B18 Animation Studio, I happily wear many different hats. I also provide creative, technical and business inputs to everything from illustration, motion design, software selection and programming, to composition, audio design, editing, storytelling, writing, graphic design, video encoding, and more.


September 2018 Distinguished Alumnus Award from Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) India

March 2019 Nari Ratna Purashkar from Sainik Bharti Humanity foundation in the field of IT And Animation

April 2019 Distinguished Alumnus Award from MAAC India (Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics)

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B18 Animation Studio and Krishna Vasani are on a mission to help businesses grow and succeed through the power of animation, graphics and design. Connect with Krishna to discuss your organization’s creative needs:

  • Phone: +91 9820218120
  • Website: www.b18animationstudio.com
  • Email: krishna@b18animationstudio.com
  • Catalog: https://wa.me/c/919820218128 or https://wa.me/p/4288018031250727/919820218128

Our Story

Our story took off with a big dream – to help businesses communicate their brand message to the world in a compelling format, whether through animations, videos, graphics or other multimedia.

Since our launch in 2017, we have quickly grown into one of the leading design and animation studios in India. Today, we work with firms of every size and stripe in every industry. We leverage industry best practices and cutting-edge digital tools to deliver customized solutions that meet our clients’ stated vision, mission and goals.

In the early days, we rolled out our work on Whatsapp and YouTube, and listed ourselves on Google My Business. Enquiries started coming in very quickly, and we slowly started to get more projects and make more profits.

Today we have hired a studio in Baroda who does our animation work. Moreover, our in-house team of 30 professionals and several freelancers help us deliver our work meticulously and on time. In less than 4 years, B18 has developed a client base of 30+ clients, and we have worked with large brands like ICICI Bank, Reliance and Abbott. We have also received enquiries from iconic Indian brands like Rajshri Productions. We are proud of our achievements, and look forward to many more feathers in our cap over the coming years.

We have carved a niche for ourselves in creating professional animated videos, 2D/3D graphics, whiteboard animation, motion graphics and infographics. Our new-age creative group specializes in providing Animation, Augmented Reality, Branding Identity Creative, Web Design, and Development, Digital Marketing, Content Writing, and Sound/Voice Over services to empower our clients achieve their business, strategic and competitive goals.

Going Strong Since

Our team of designers, animators, project managers, strategic thinkers, and content creators are passionate about the latest digital innovations and technology. We immerse ourselves fully into our clients’ business, and work with full dedication and focus to deliver quality output within budget, on time, every time.

Design Expertise

No matter what kind of visual solution you need or have in mind, we can design it for you. Our thought leaders, strategists and business experts work together with the creative team to devise a project strategy. This strategy informs our roadmap that brings your ideas to life.

Passion for Visual Storytelling

We are passionate about telling brand stories through compelling visuals, animations, infographics, and videos. Our team collaborates on every project as we traverse the journey from nascent ideas to solid plans to a unique brand message.

Creativity is our Middle Name

We never lose sight of the visual and creative aspect of your brand’s story. Our goal is to empower you to create memorable emotional connections with your audience, and create a unique space for yourself in your industry.

We’re Not Just An Agency, We Are Brand Partners

Our clients will attest that we’re much more than an animation studio or digital marketing agency. We are a close-knit team of experienced, business-minded professionals who understand your business and its objectives. We leverage this understanding to create on-brand visual assets that establish and grow your brand, and enhance its value.

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